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camel brown

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camel brown 수량증가 수량감소 299.11()
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Product Name 대회용 크리스탈 가운
Price $22.80
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Product Name 비키니케이스
Price $18.06
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Product Name 볼륨업 자신감세트
Price $9.12
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Product Name 탄 지우개 세트 (스텝원 100ml + 스텝투 50ml)
Price $18.15
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crystal bikini
AA / A / B Cup두툼뽕 구매 필수프리 사이즈
natural breast c cup두툼뽕 구매 권장프리 사이즈
Surgical chest C / D cup기본 비키니 구매프리 사이즈
As a result of analyzing the body types of thousands of custom-made bikini athletes, we have found the optimal fit that is close to custom made if you are preparing for a bikini competition.

Since the bikini competition is a competition that judges the beauty of a feminine body and forged health, it is important that even an A cup looks like a C cup.

Crystal Bikini Size Guide

1. Top:
- AA / A / B cup: Select and purchase thick tumppong (basic pad + thick tumpong installed)
- C / D Cup: Purchase a basic bikini (with a basic pad)
- If you have an A-cup or natural B-cup with poor breasts, purchase an additional volume pad, Thick Pong, to make it look like a C-cup. (There are individual differences.)

2. Bottoms:
- Because it is very stretchy, anyone who usually wears XS, S, or M can wear it.
- If it feels a little too small or too big, go to a nearby laundry and ask to increase the sides by 1 cm, and they will do it right away.
- If you are wearing a competition bikini for the first time, you may feel that the front part is a little narrow.
- Example of use: 155cm, 43kg / 160cm, 49kg / 160cm, 51kg ./ 165cm, 52kg / 170cm, 54kg

* Bottom size - Free repair available!
However, you should consider the competition weight you would have lost, not your current weight. Below are the average weights for competitions, but most of them fit because the bottoms are stretchy. In the case of bottoms, you do not have to worry as free girth repair can be done by courier or by visiting the store. It's so easy that you can go to a nearby laundromat and repair it in 5 minutes :)
Wear information
ElasticityNonelasticModerateHighly Elastic
LiningUnlinedPartially LinedFully Lined
More Details
Polyester 80% , Spandex 20%
Wash Care
  • Hand Wash SeparatelyHand Wash Separately
  • Do Not WringDo Not Wring
  • Do Not BleachDo Not Bleach
  • Shade DryShade Dry
Country of Origin
A/S information and person in charge
고객센터 / 02-6959-3688
accessories -S5L1
accessories detail image-S5L3

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  • Shipping Method : Parcel Service
  • Shipping Area : Worldwide
  • Shipping Rate : $30.00
  • Delivery Time : 7 - 14 days
  • Shipping Guide : Depending on the product type, product preparation and shipping may be slightly delayed.
    Please note that same-day shipping is not possible.
  • Shipping Information : The products ordered by the customer will be shipped after payment is confirmed.
    Please be sure to contact the management staff when returning or exchanging.
  • Customs clearance and tariffs
    When sending goods overseas, customs duties may be incurred in the partner country. In that case, please note that the customs duty, etc. incurred will be borne by the recipient.
    Only the remaining amount can be refunded, excluding the actual costs incurred (including international transportation round-trip costs, Korean customs duties, and customs duties).

About exchange / return

  • 1. About order cancellation
    Only orders with the status of the order "confirmed payment" or "preparing for shipping" are possible. If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us by email or phone.
  • 2. Exchange and returns
    * Due to the characteristics of overseas shipping products, we may not be able to accept exchanges or returns due to customer's convenience, so please contact us in advance. (Including color / size exchange, etc.) In addition, when exchanging or returning goods due to customer's convenience, the customer will be responsible for the round-trip overseas shipping fee, customs duty, value-added tax, etc., so please be careful when ordering.

    --Products that can be exchanged or returned
    Items within 7 days after receiving the item
    New product with a tag that has not been worn, washed, processed or corrected
    Items sent incorrectly
    Defective or damaged items that arrived
    When prior consultation with the mail-order site has been completed in the exchange and refund procedures

    --Products that cannot be exchanged or returned
    Products that have been scratched or damaged by the customer
    When the packaging is opened or damaged and the commercial value is lost.
    When the commercial value is significantly reduced due to used or partial consumption
    When the commercial value has decreased significantly so that it cannot be resold over time
    When the packaging of products that can be duplicated is damaged
    If you have not completed the exchange and return procedures for the mail order site
    (For more information, please contact us by phone or email.)
  • 3. Return method
    If you would like to return the product, please contact "Inquiry" by phone or email first. Please refer to the [Return Procedure] below and complete the procedure.
    [Return procedure]
    1) Within ○ days from the date of receipt of the product, attach an image that can prove that it is defective (whole product image and enlarged image of the defect), along with information such as order number, mis-delivery / defective product number, refund reason, etc. Please send it by e-mail.
    2) Once the return request is accepted, we will contact you separately later.
    3) When returning the product, please include a memo with the order number, customer name, and member ID in the package (box, packaging vinyl, etc.).
    * Please note that we will not be able to process returns or refunds if the items are returned without procedures such as return application or application acceptance.
    * The shipping fee for returning the product will be processed due to the reason for the responsibility.
    Customers are responsible for the return shipping fee in case of customer's convenience such as conversion, color or size exchange.
    We will bear the return shipping fee in case of mis-delivery, defective products, etc.
    * In the case of EMS, payment cannot be made on delivery, so please send a receipt for the shipping fee by email after shipping the item. After confirmation, we will refund you.


    It takes 3-5 business days to issue a refund for a returned or cancelled order.
    Please be advised that your refund may not be processed until the next billing month depending on your credit card issuer's billing schedule.

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